Patrizia Pepe celebrates St. Valentine's with “Love Hoodie”, a limited edition sweater dedicated to love in its broadest, deepest and most inclusive sense. The garment par excellence of contemporary streetwear becomes a dual declaration of style and emotion, reminding us that "all beautiful things come from love", just like the brand created by Patrizia Bambi and Claudio Orrea in 1993.

“Love Hoodie” by Patrizia Pepe, a new chapter of the #PatriziaPepe99 project dedicated to limited edition, is inspired by a special moment which takes us back in time to the 80s, to the start of the co-founders' love story. The story goes that after watching a famous film together, whose main character distinguishes themselves by wearing a casual and contemporary sweater, Patrizia surprises Claudio by buying a red one for him as a gift.

In an age in which the use of jersey fabric for sweaters was still niche in the world of clothing, Patrizia and Claudio resolved to develop a model which inspired them to present their very own idea of style with the launch of the Patrizia Pepe brand.



The same sweater which gave rise to the origin of everything, has now inspired the limited edition created to celebrate St. Valentine's, as well as the passion, courage, vision and far-sightedness which have always guided the brand and Company.

By starting from such a significant, trendy and versatile garment, Patrizia Pepe continues to thrill and excite, striking the right chord by celebrating such passion that is typical of great challenges and shared projects.

The limited edition item will be available in two women's sizes and in oversize, conceived for men too, once more highlighting that love is an absolute, free and inclusive sentiment.

The limited edition item will be for sale as of 6th February 2020, available in a selection of flagship stores and on the website