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Patrizia Pepe unveils the second chapter of the #patriziapepe99 campaign, a new trailer that once again features Paolo Stella as Creative Director and digital star Yoyo Cao, aka @yoyokulala, as the leading actress. Inspired by the symbolic and emotive meaning of numbers, the project explores cinematographic dimension as a means of expressing the female universe, relating each number to a specific color and a Limited Edition of only 99 pieces, created each time with the starring talents and available exclusively on the website Following the first chapter on NUMBER 1, the campaign now continues with a new trailer dedicated to NUMBER 2, a sign of stamina and perseverance, yet also an emblem of the sensibility and awareness intrinsic to today's women and to the brand’s philosophy itself.

Each video draws inspiration from the style of the most famous international directors and for this second output Art Director Paolo Stella journeys through the close-ups and quick cuts of 1960s film by portraying Yoyo Cao in a dreamy and rarefied setting. The intense shade of blue, linked to the water element, envelops the nocturnal scenes through the streets of Rome, where an adrenaline-filled rhythm of glances, flashbacks and contrasting feelings represents the attraction of opposites and the duality of masculine and feminine. In addition to becoming an actress for a day, Yoyo Cao also collaborated as a guest designer of the Blue Limited Edition that will be released with the trailer, infusing her fashion identity and cosmopolitan attitude into a very special product: a sunglass mask with a hyper feminine design. The modern and bold frame features shaded lenses and stone jeweled appliques that add an ultra-glam twist to the plastic shapes.