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The #PATRIZIAPEPE99 project continues, inspired by the symbolism and emotional meaning of numbers. The third chapter of the campaign, interpreted by the model actress and dancer Larsen Thompson, is a compelling spy story under the creative direction of Paolo Stella, where every single detail alludes to the many facets of the number 3. Considered the "perfect number" by Pythagoreans, the number 3 is associated with the concepts of perfection, movement, the union of body, mind and soul, the link between masculine and feminine, a symbol identified in the colour golden yellow. Larsen Thompson moves lightly through the corridors of a prestigious Milanese hotel towards a secret safe, looking for the perfect heist. In a black tuxedo, exuding masculine allure and determination, with finesse she approaches the objective and elegantly transforms into a woman wearing an evening dress, to get her hands on and smuggle the loot, a special pair of Patrizia Pepe ankle boots.

Larsen Thompson, with her magnetic gaze and temperament, unveils the new limited edition for the third chapter of #PATRIZIAPEPE99, a bootie stiletto in yellow-ochre suede, characterised by a frog fastening on the upper, with only 99 pairs available exclusively on the new website as of 25th October 2019.