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Patrizia Pepe
Mineral Toscana

The Patrizia Pepe woman returns to her space, bringing her style and awareness back into real life, between moments of relaxation at home and on-the-street experiences amid urban scenarios.

She rediscovers the joy of softer yarns, on full or sheer shapes. She embraces neutral nuances, contrasted by optical foliage stylisations. She falls in love with check patterns and tactile textures on the soft and enveloping lines of outerwear.

In the passage between indoors and outdoors, she interprets new easywear with a decisive and feminine attitude, wearing matching ribbed wool garments with lingerie tops, sartorial outfits featuring essential lines, and relaxed shirts over silver-ice waxed jeans.

While natural and mineral colours illuminate the day, from the earliest hours of the morning to late evening, accessories express her rock spirit and her most intimate attitude in designer jewellery, iconic shoulder bags, ultrasoft boots and sensual laminated leather sandals or with Maxi Chain details.