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Patrizia Pepe
Summer Dream

A new path to regeneration. A dream brimming with glimmers and iridescence. A journey of rediscovery, awareness and femininity.
Never-forgotten emotions and memories of distant lands are united in a free and concrete stylistic narrative, pervaded by an energetic and radiant light that reaffirms the joy of summer.
After the deep notes of winter, the sun’s rays burst into the wardrobe to illuminate a confident and determined attitude; a modern rock image in which the Patrizia Pepe woman’s irreverent spirit embraces the bright freshness of the warm months.

Minimalist outerwear, fitted dresses and flowing or more compact outfits oscillate in a crescendo of intense tones, soft shades and bright colours. Contemporary silhouettes retain the codes of sartorial elegance by mixing asymmetrical cuts, subtle draping and exquisite finishes. Iconic accessories emphasize the monochrome impact or create lively and unexpected contrasts.
She is a strong and sensual gentle rebel. A woman who is reborn by reconnecting with nature and the world around her, expressing her grace and energy through perfect harmony between her body and mind.