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Outerwear. Skirt suits. Leather and denim. Dresses and sequins. For Patrizia Pepe, Essentials are garments no woman's wardrobe can do without. They are key items characterised by essential and iconic silhouettes which reflect the brand's very essence, along with its aesthetics of femininity, awareness and elegance in movement. The brand has always pursued these product categories, preserving cuts and special characteristics that make them an integral and identifying part of its style.

Current, timeless, versatile and recognisable, Essentials showcase all the Glam Rock inspiration of Patrizia Pepe and its fundamental style features: cross-contamination continues with the blending of masculine and feminine, the reinterpretation of tradition through the filter of innovation and the mingling of measured and bolder forms.

The colour palette is neutral; military green, purple and black emerge, cut with decisive colours. Lamé, everpresent in collections, reflects all the charisma and character of the Patrizia Pepe woman. Confident and determined, polite yet irreverent, curious, cosmopolitan, eclectic and magnetic. A woman who expresses her sensuality without indulging in excess, with allure and discretion, reconciling metropolitan dynamism with natural well-being, embracing a healthy and holistic approach to life, inspired by a balance between body, mind and soul.

Outerwear describes the attitude of a self-confident and anticonformist Gentle Rebel who loves jackets, trench coats, coats, all with clean-cut and contemporary lines. Items combine style and function, embellished with metal details and finishes that reinvent the boyish look, with an ultra-feminine twist.

The skirt suit translates impeccable tuxedo style in new coordinated day and night sets, available in solid colours or featuring original details. Masculine and feminine dualism finds its ultimate expression in the fitted or more fluid lines of the blazer matched with trousers of different cuts.

The leather look symbolises the Patrizia Pepe rock & rebel spirit. The biker jacket and trousers celebrate the brand's love of and passion for music. Colours are decisive, metal buckles and studs exalt the mix of on-theroad atmospheres and urban glamour.

Denim pays homage to street-style trends, with plays on washes of different intensities and exclusive customisations. Metropolitan nomads embrace a casual yet unconventional mood. The image changes according to styling: sporty with sneakers, seductive with stiletto sandals.

Feminine silhouettes define stretch fabric dresses embellished with rock accents and distinctive colours that alternate timeless nuances with the season's trendiest hues. Asymmetries, transparencies and drapery add depth and volume to garments. Plunging necklines and unexpected splits reveal lines of the body, denoting a subtle sensuality.

Multicolour sequin embroidery illuminate the night. Patrizia Pepe partywear expresses a desire for fun with a pinch of craziness and exuberance, unleashed thanks to bonds with other women, inspired by complicity and sisterhood.

Patrizia Pepe Essentials accompany the steps of an aware and bold woman who always gets what she wants and never goes unnoticed.