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The purity of white, the delicacy of nude and the satin sheen on all-black outfits create a new world of inspiration and moments to enjoy and share. On the border between virtual and real, accompanied by the beats of music and an intense, enveloping light, energy, strength and confidence become the essence of femininity.
A mix of emotions and vibrations that go beyond any distance and reflect the Patrizia Pepe woman’s mindful, daring spirit.

The tailored satin tuxedo is worn on bare skin like a light caress. The wraparound, super-soft cardigan pairs well with sequined trousers and laminated leather accessories.
Black velvet reveals glittery reflections, while the transparent tulle dress features precise shiny silver geometric patterns. The mood is natural, but assertive, the style is charming and casual, and beauty is expressed in bold, ironic sensuality that always includes touches of irreverence.

Beyond every distance there is a story of affinity, union and complicity in which all women, with their extraordinary uniqueness, continue to shine together.