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Patrizia Pepe launches the new Fall-Winter 20 collection through a digital project that interprets the brand’s glamorous and irreverent soul. A tale showcasing the gentle-rebel inspiration of garments from the new Patrizia Pepe collection, with contents featuring glam-rock and dynamic accents.
The concept developed by the Spring Studios Milan creative team is centred around the Patrizia Pepe woman, a modern Rebel Daydreamer who rejects stereotypes and is not afraid to show her irreverent and charismatic side in everyday life, without compromising on femininity and sensuality.
Shots and video contents of the campaign capture moments of the protagonist’s life in which visual elements mingle, in a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

The scenario conjures up underground London lofts, in which natural light confers soft and warm tonalities upon images, enhancing the versatility of garments from the collection. A captivating story made of moments in which the dual feminine and rock identity of the brand crystallise.
The Italian photographer Nicolò Parsenziani was selected to take shots for the campaign, drawing on his multifaceted talent to translate the universe of the Patrizia Pepe woman into a single visual language. Video contents are by the international film director Liam Cushing, who from behind the camera skilfully recounts the eclectic personality of the star in this campaign, the model Caterina Pezoa.
The original narration is enriched by a special and detailed production reminiscent of music videos, highlighting the sensuality and versatility of the Patrizia Pepe Fall-Winter 2020 collection.
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