A woman with a rock soul
A passion for fashion and beauty, in all its forms, has always fascinated Patrizia Bambi since childhood.
In the beginning, a desire, a dream, set aside for a while, and then made a reality. Studying, working for certain companies, economic independence from the family, marriage.
Always looking out for new fashion trends, from one season to the next firstly as an observer then a consumer and finally as a leader.
This is how the Patrizia Pepe brand was born, one which has stood out from the very beginning with its elegant minimalist lines, combined with meticulous attention to detail.
Dual success for the Brand which highlights the the beauty of the female form and helps women to find their own "sexiness". The name "Pepe" perfectly embodies the ideal woman that Patrizia Bambi wants to represent.
Urban, cosmopolitan, creative, fan of a style that is simultaneously practical
for daytime wear, glamorous in the evening and sexy at night.
"Clothes are like an admiring gaze", Patrizia Bambi asserts, "they change a woman. Because they allow her to buy security and find her real strength".
A woman secure in her own self, independent and infectiously charming. Full of passion as I am, for Patrizia Bambi her family, art in all its creative manifestations, dance, taking of her body, physical activity and music; particularly rock, for its ability to provoke strong emotions; because being a fashion rockstar means "shaking" style conventions.
Being non conventional, exciting, sexy but always with a few aggressive or feisty characteristics, that catch your eye and reveal a restless soul. Something that Patrizia Bambi has always sought to transmit through her collections.