Women's Hats


A wide selection of shapes and models, perfect for any occasion: the hats in the new collection are all-feminine and boast an ironic spirit. The classic Fedora hat adds a touch of sensual charm, while the Baker Boy boasts a more happy-go-lucky mood. Wool earmuffs or faux fur headbands are perfect for adding a casual chic touch.

  • 1450.00 - 5750.01
  • Accessories
  • Hats and Gloves
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Visor cap Kč 2.100,00
Visor cap Kč 2.100,00
Leather gloves Kč 3.300,00
Bucket hat Kč 3.000,00
Leather gloves Kč 5.750,00
Leather gloves Kč 5.750,00
Wool hat Kč 2.400,00