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Shipping Information - Europe


While placing your order, you can select from the following shipping methods:

Standard Shipping: free standard shipping with the purchase of at least one full-priced item and paid shipping with the purchase of sale items. Please refer to the table below for costs for your specific geographic area. Your order will be delivered in approximately 7 to 10 working days after the order confirmation.

In-store Pick-up: In-store pickup is always free. The service is available in our monobrand boutiques excluding Outlets. Check the list of stores here, or choose the store closest to you directly from your shopping cart. Your order will be held in store for 5 working days following notification of delivery. After this period, the package will be returned to our warehouses and you will not be charged for your order.


Shipments are made Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. During Black Friday, Cyber Monday and promotional sales periods, shipments may be prone to delays.

Country Cost Currency
Austria (AT) 8 EUR
Belgium (BE) 8 EUR
Bulgaria (BG) 25 BGN
Cyprus (CY) 25 EUR
Croatia (HR) 8 EUR
Denmark (DK) 8 EUR
Estonia (EE) 12 EUR
Finland (FI) 8 EUR
France (FR) 8 EUR
Germany (DE) 8 EUR
Greece (GR) 8 EUR
Ireland (IE) 8 EUR
Israel (IL) 55 USD
Italy (IT) 5 EUR
Latvia (LV) 12 EUR
Lithuania (LT) 12 EUR
Luxembourg (LU) 8 EUR
Malta (MT) 25 EUR
Netherlands (NL) 8 EUR
Poland (PL) 35 PLN
Portugal (PT) 8 EUR
Czech Republic (CZ) 210 CZK
Romania (RO) 8 EUR
San Marino (SM) 5 EUR
Slovakia (SK) 8 EUR
Slovenia (SI) 8 EUR
Spain (ES) 8 EUR
Sweden (SE) 8 EUR
Hungary (HU) 8 EUR


Shipping Information - World

While placing your order, you can select from the following shipping methods:

Country Cost Currency Time
Canada (CA) 75 USD 10 days
United States (US) 35 USD 10 days
Hong Kong (HK) 300 HKD 10 days
Switzerland (CH) 35 CHF 3 days
Norway (NO) 300 KR 3 days
Great Britain (GB) 11 GBP 3 days
Turkey (TR) 35 USD 3 days
Israel (IL) 55 USD 3 days
United Arab Emirates (AE) 150 AED 3 days


How to track the shipment

To track your order, go to the "Order Status" section, and enter your order number and the email address you used during checkout. Alternatively, you can access it using the link that was sent to you in the "Your order has shipped: track it here!" email. You will only be able to track the package from the day you are notified of the shipment by email.



What is the shipping cost?

Standard shipping has a different cost depending on the country in which you are ordering. Please see the "Shipping" section for more information. Upon appropriate advertising, Patrizia Pepe may offer promotions for free standard shipping. In-store pickup is currently available only in some countries and is always free of charge.

What days do you ship and by which couriers?

Orders are shipped daily, Monday through Friday. All orders received on Saturday and Sunday will be processed starting Monday morning. We use TNT for deliveries in Italy, and FedEx or UPS for abroad, during business hours. For the U.S. and the rest of the world, the most commonly used courier is UPS. In exceptional cases, the company may reserve the right to rely on couriers other than those indicated above.

Can I decide to have my package delivered to a different address or country than the one I registered with?

During the purchase process, in the "Shipping" section, you can indicate a delivery address that is different from the one previously saved in your profile, but which is in the same country as the one from which you are browsing. If after starting the purchase process you find that you are using the website for a different country than where you want to ship the package to, you will need to change countries and re-enter the order.

Can I change the shipping address for an already confirmed order?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot change an order after it has been confirmed. If you made a mistake in entering your information, you can request cancellation of your order by sending an email to our customer service team.

Do you ship worldwide?

No, our online store is able to ship to Europe in EEC member countries, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. You can check this information in the appropriate section.

Does the courier contact the recipient to make an appointment for the delivery of the order?

Normally this does not happen on the first delivery attempt. In the event that the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, it is at the discretion of the specific courier to contact you before reattempting the delivery.

How can I get a confirmation of my order?

Confirmation of the order is sent with an email message to the email address given during the purchase process. With the receipt of the email, we confirm that the payment was successful and the goods selected in the shopping cart are confirmed.

If you have selected in-store delivery, you will receive an additional email notifying you of the arrival of the package at the selected store. You will have 5 business days to pick up your order, after which it will be sent back to our warehouses. To pick up the order you will need to show the order receipt and an ID of the person picking up the order.

How can I determine the tracking code for my order ?

If you placed your order as a registered user, after logging in, you will be able to see the progress of your order in the "MY ACCOUNT" section. When your order is handed over to our courier, the "Track your order" link will be available.

If you placed your order as a guest you will find the shipping details at the bottom of the "Order Status" section, by entering your order number and email address used during checkout.

After completing the order, what is the timeframe for receiving it?

Timeframes may vary depending on the geographic area from which the order is being placed and the time of the year (during peak periods such as Black Friday, deliveries may be slower). Orders placed after 1 P.M. (CET) will be processed the next business day. Orders placed on holidays (according to the Italian calendar) will be processed on the first available business day.

In general, delivery will be made in approximately 7 to 10 business days for Europe and 15 to 20 business days for the rest of the world. Timing may vary depending on holidays (based on the Italian calendar).

By selecting Express Shipping and for orders placed before 2 P.M. (CET) Mon to Fri, delivery will be made within 24 hours, except for some areas. Orders placed on Thursday after 2 P.M. (CET) and orders placed on Friday by 2 P.M. (CET), will be delivered the following Monday. Orders placed from Friday after 2 P.M. (CET) to Sunday will be delivered the following Tuesday.

What happens if I am absent and my order is sent back to Patrizia Pepe?

Patrizia Pepe will be able to arrange a new shipment to the same address or to a different address within the same country where you registered. Should the order be returned for a second time, we will be forced to cancel your order and withhold the shipping costs from your refund.

What should I do if upon delivery my order appears to have been tampered with and is missing some of the goods ordered?

In this case, it is necessary to contact our customer support team by email as soon as possible, providing photos of the tampered package and a description of what happened. It is also very important that you do not throw away the original packaging, which could be subject to examination for appropriate checks by the courier. Investigation paperwork with couriers may take up to 10-15 days to complete.

Do I need to book the courier pickup when I submit a return or is it scheduled automatically?

As soon as you receive your return label, the pickup reservation does not happen automatically, but you will have to contact the courier to book the pickup of the package to be returned depending on your availability. In the "Returns" section at the bottom of the page you will find return instructions and all contact information for our couriers.


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