Patrizia Pepe is home to a very unique and distinctive corporate culture.

Being an independent, family-owned business, we have been developing our work environment for almost 30 years – moving from a local enterprise on the outskirts of Florence (Italy) to a global fashion brand shaping a world of beauty to wear for our clients across three different regions (Europe, Russia and China).

And yet we feel – and act – pretty much like a Start-up!


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We promote a culture of merit, where leaders influence performance through their credibility, appreciation of success and their focus on making sure all employees feel valued, connected with the whole organization and have the information they need to do their jobs well.

As we keep growing, redefining our DNA, our business model and expanding the operations further, we try to continously improve within our workplace, while having fun and inspiring one another.


You can make the difference

At Patrizia Pepe, we believe that investment in our employees is investment in the future. Our organisation will grow even more competitive as the people explore their talents and adapt their skills to a global market, changing faster than ever.

Over the years, we’ve met and worked with many wonderful and talented people. However, those who have found the greatest connection between their career motivations and our organisational culture have all had two things in common: they have an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to leave a mark with their job. They were always excited to go beyond the average and ready to take on a challenge.


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