Patrizia Pepe HUB

The Box in a Box concept

A new store with a new concept:

"The concept is bold, innovative and unconventional. It’s a new way of connecting with the public, via container spaces able to showcase each collection’s key items with a display architecture that is both flexible and sustainable, chiefly for its ability to be disassembled and reassembled virtually anywhere, notably reducing the impact of new interior design projects", as Patrizia Bambi says.

Patrizia Pepe HUBS are set up within existing spaces, without any architectural or structural intervention. The available layout is customised with a series of continuous and mobile modular elements, taking a circular approach in which each component can be recycled and replicated without further consumption and production waste.
All the main elements – from the steel tubes and concrete bricks to the clothes hangers – are recyclable and infinitely reusable, simply with a key. Moreover, their energy-efficient lighting systems contribute to enhancing the concept’s responsible approach, increasingly aligning it with current concerns and considerations regarding the future of the environment.

You will experience an exciting new form of shopping in an innovative and modern store, in the sign of the irreverent spirit of the Patrizia Pepe Woman.

Come and visit us in Italy in

Asti, Via Garibaldi, 25
Bari, Via Sparano da Bari, 54/A
Bolzano, Piazza Von Der Vogelweide Walther, 7
Milan, Corso Vercelli, 35
Naples, Via Santa Caterina a Chiaia, 17/18
Rome, Via Cola di Rienzo, 230
Venice, Marzaria del Capitello, 4860

In France in

Cannes, 125, Rue D’Antibes
Parigi, 54, Rue Bonaparte
Parigi, 22, Rue Royale

In Austria in

Vienna, Bauernmarkt 8

In Bulgaria in

Sofia, Serdika Center, 48 Sitnyakovo Boulevard

And in the Netherlands in

Amsterdam, Leidsestraat 16